Distributor blanking plug

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If you've converted to a distributor-less ignition system you probably don't want your old dizzy left on your engine.

These blanking plugs allow you to remove the dizzy and plug the hole in the block they leave behind. Designed for the A-series and A+ series engines these aluminium distributor blanking plugs come complete with O-ring ensuring a tight seal. 

With 27mm and 34.8mm diameters these plugs can be used to plug the distributor holes of a number of other engines.  The Ford Crossflow in particular can use the 27mm (A+) blanking plug

Unsure of which type you need for your engine?  If you look at the fixing for the distributor and the distributor is held in with a separate bracket, secured by a 3/8" UNF bolt, then you need the A+ bung, however if it has a 1/4" diameter bolt through a hole (at about 2 o'clock - the distributor being the centre of the clock) then you need an A series blanking plug.

It is essential that once the distributor is taken out that the distributor drive shaft and sleeve (A/A+ series only) is also removed as failure to do so may result in damage to your engine.